Support for Patients’ Perception of Care



NRI recognizes the importance of integrating patients’ perceptions of care into standard performance measures. These measures are an integral part of the accreditation requirement of The Joint Commission. Inpatient care can be patient centered and use the voice of the patient to develop and modify care practices.

NRI developed a survey in 2002 called Inpatient Consumer Survey (ICS), endorsed by NQF in 2010, to gather patients’ evaluation of their inpatient care. The survey is comprised of six domains that provide a summary of patients’ evaluations on key areas of their experience of care. It is available in both English and Spanish versions. Currently, there are approximately 80 facilities nationwide that participate nationwide in the ICS benchmarking service with NRI.


Measure Description

The Inpatient Consumer Survey is a 28-item self-administered survey developed to gather patients’ evaluation of their inpatient psychiatric care. The 28-items cluster into six domains. The domains include:

  • Outcomes of Care

  • Dignity

  • Rights

  • Participation in Treatment

  • Facility Environment

  • Empowerment


Each item in the domain is based on a standard 5-pt scale, from strongly disagree (1) to strongly agree (5), with an option for not applicable. Each domain is scored as the percentage of patients who “respond positively” to the domain (an average value greater than 3.5 for items in the domain). The survey can be used with both adolescents (13-17 yrs) and adults. The survey can be administered at the time of discharge or at annual review.



The ICS domains (measures) provide a summary of patients’ evaluation of key areas of their experience of care. Direct feedback from patients in areas such as dignity and rights could inform the therapeutic interactions between staffs and patients which will ultimately produce better quality of life outcomes. These intermediate outcomes may foretell the likelihood that the patient may return to receive further services when needed and participate in services in other venues. Patient responses on outcomes and participation in treatment indicate the extent to which the hospital has addressed the care needs of the patient and involved the patient in his/her recovery. Each domain is comprised of distinct questions to enable the health care provider to target specific areas of performance.


Customer Testimonials

"Our hospitals have found the patient surveys to be very useful for identifying and measuring the success of performance improvement projects. In distributing the surveys, our patient advocates and peer specialists utilize them as a means to further connect with patients before discharge."

—Osawatomie State Hospital / Rainbow Mental Health Facility – Kansas


"The Spanish version of the NRI Inpatient Consumer Survey covers the core issues important to our organization. The survey helps in the identification of service areas that need improvement and could enhance the effectiveness of services of care. On a regular basis we obtain a complete and validated analysis. This analysis is user friendly, ready to be reported and shared."

Dr. Ramón Fernández Marina Psychiatric Hospital – Puerto Rico