Terms of Use for the Inpatient Consumer Survey


Effective Date 12/01/2011


The National Association of State Mental Health Program Directors Research Institute, Inc. (NRI) grants individual healthcare organizations the opportunity to use the Inpatient Consumer Survey (ICS) for internal quality improvement. Below are defined the permitted uses, the restrictions, and the acknowledgements expected by healthcare organizations that use the ICS.


Permitted Uses

  • Organizations may implement the ICS with their patient populations. This includes copying and distributing the survey to patients, collecting responses, and maintaining responses in a local database.

  • Organizations may compile statistics on responses from their patients. Item and domain scores should be compiled consistent with the NRI’s protocol.

  • Organizations may conduct analyses using the ICS responses from their patients and other data available to the organization.

  • Organizations may choose to self-disclose their own item and domain scores, either through publicly available methods or through interactions with other organizations such as hospital networks, accreditation, and governance.



  • Organization may not alter, maintain, enhance, or otherwise modify the ICS.

  • Organizations may not build a data processing or other for-fee service on top of the ICS.

  • Organizations may not engage any external organization except NRI to process and analyze raw data for a fee.

  • NRI is the only organization allowed to charge a fee for processing ICS data and creating comparative indices.

  • NRI reserves the right to license or otherwise permit other organizations to compile ICS results.



  • The NRI has a copyright on the ICS.

  • The ICS is the intellectual property of NRI.

  • Users of the ICS are required to acknowledge that the tool is NRI property.