Other State Agency Study

In 2009, NRI concluded the second cycle pilot study to document the numbers of persons served by other state government agencies (OSAs) and the expenditures of these agencies for mental health services. This study focused on the major other state government departments/agencies that provide mental health services and essential supports to persons with mental illnesses. The OSAs studied include: Corrections, Medicaid, Vocational Rehabilitation, Substance Abuse, Housing, Juvenile Justice, Child Welfare, Education, and Early Intervention.


The initial Phase 1 Pilot Study helped eight states identify thousands of consumers receiving mental health services from OSAs, and millions of dollars being expended to provide these services. The Phase 1 work led to a more informed understanding of the roles, responsibilities, and systems of the SMHA and OSAs in providing mental health services, and increased interagency collaboration to reduce fragmentation and improve services.


For additional information on this study, please contact NRI@nri-inc.org.