Annual Customized State Behavioral Health Agency (SBHA) Service


Provide each state commissioner and his/her leadership staff with valuable information for their planning, policy and operational analysis through customized state analysis and reports.


NRI Uniquely Qualified

NRI, with its 27+ year history with the states, its data system and its unique understanding of the different data definitions and nuances of each state will provide meaningful analysis, comparisons & reports to further each SBHA’s vision and mission.


Elements of Service:

  1. Data used will be obtained from NRI’s Profiles, URS, Revenues & Expenditures, some available select BHPMS data and external data (federal, private data) when warranted

  2. Obtain the needs & hot issues of each state commissioner and leadership staff

  3. Each category of data would have a national comparison and customized comparisons (regional, size, govt. structure, etc.) (new information)

  4. Analyze trends within the state (new information)

  5. Analyze state trends or state and national legislation for budget or policy making decisions (new information)

  6. After presenting the report annually to the commissioner and his/her leadership staff, NRI will provide an annual one-time drill down on specific data categories of interest

  7. Possible collection of a simple unique data set, approved by participating states for a unique state analysis unobtainable elsewhere.

  8. Part of the service would be for those contracted states to have the ability to call us for an analysis of data on an emergency basis (media calls, etc.)


You can also download this information as a PDF.


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