Behavioral Health State Profiles System

Through the State Profiles System (Profiles), NRI has tracked SMHA initiatives in prevention and treatment of mental disorders since 1996. The Profiles databases provide descriptions of each SMHA's organization and structure, service systems, eligible populations, emerging policy issues, numbers of consumers served, fiscal resources, consumer issues, information management structures, and research and evaluation initiatives. Questions within each of these categories are designed to address specific needs of behavioral health leadership and other stakeholders interested in public behavioral health systems, and support decision making, policy analysis, and research and evaluation initiatives. Beginning in Fiscal  Year 2012, the Profiles were expended to include questions targeted toward substance abuse services so as to develop comprehensive data about state behavioral health systems.


Profiles databases from 1996 to present are available, and include both quantitative data and qualitative information.  These data inform SAMHSA's periodic reports on Funding and Characteristics of State Mental Health Agencies.


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